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TH2 Beta build 1660 2016-06-29

TH 2 supports 4K Ultra HD

Friday, 21 October 2016

Bug fixes:
– Fixed multiplayer entering dungeon false-wrong char level bug
– Fixed McAfee antivirus warning for strm2.dll
– Fixed snakes/birds running attack position into player tile
– Fixed Lachdanan reward crash
– Fixed Staff of Identification double charge using

Download th2beta.zip
Previous changes TH2ChangesLog.txt
Description (config.ini options) ReadMe.txt
Install to a *copy* of your TH directory
Report bugs and oddities in the comments below or on TH2 forum here:
Testing TH 2 beta (  2  )
Send save game files with bug report to: TheHell@tickets.assembla.com

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First table for TH2 started 2016-05-18

Started new character generation pre-plan.
That’s what I was able to come up with in about 4 hours of work.
Available here:
Ideas are welcome

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Latest mod version download 2016-04-14

Full release v1.205a
Alternatively, you can download from here
note: you’ll have to download extra music from ModDB anyway
Patch 1.205e released 2016-09-15 (apply after full release)

Concerning TH2, it’s in beta phase and far from being finished, but you can get the latest build here
install to a copy of TH folder (to avoid potential complications)

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Welcome to The Hell

Welcome to our new, fresh and sweet home place.
This is an official site for Diablo 1 Mod: The Hell Mod by Mordor and TH Team.

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