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TH2 beta build 1631 available 2016-06-29

1631 FIXED: most bugs in main menu (fullscreen fps, hd centering, play video on full screen/window, difficulty selection, some visual glitches). Alt-Enter and window dragging in main menu temporarily disabled (still works in game and by config). It will return after rewriting some storm gui functionality.
1630 FIXED: fury spell reuse, many bugs in multiplayer (no more disappearing dropped item), new drawing function (no more tearing and blinking in fullscreen), more smoothness – support 4 modes of fps: 20 (th1 original), 40, 60 and 80 (default 60, you can set fps in config.ini)
1625 FIXED: v-sync in fullscreen, sound volume, menu/dialog animation speed, added windowed fullscreen support for any resolution (windowed – set fullscreen winon/winoff, typical – set fullscreen on/off in config.ini), double fps for smooth screen scrolling, return support for zoom mode (press ctrl+Z, still buggy in high resolution)
1619 FIXED: speech scrolling speed, window type and position after Alt-Enter, added support for high resolution mode (screenwidth/screenheight settings in config.ini file now have effect, for windowed fullscreen set desktop resolution and fullscreen off)
1615 FIXED: player and monsters moving, chain and boss pack activation, open doors blocking, dynamic lighting, dispatching object under cursor, change dungeon bug with crash, level up buttons position
1608 FIXED: loading screen selection, lava into ice, cave drawing, trade items generation, life and mana regeneration, shield dublicates when put two-hand weapon in hand, Gillian stash added (TH 1 stash saves available)
1597 FIXED: town and dungeon tiles drawing (no more screen bugs and darkest dungeon)
1595 FIXED: window in windowed mode, now you can move and maximize the window, window position saving (fullscreen as usual Alt-Enter), cursor 60 fps drawing for better control and smoothness, ogden sign quest, magic rock quest, zhar the mad quest, infested cellar quest, some sounds and music bugs
1563 FIXED: monster info, quest books, treasure light, arkan valor quest, chamber of bone quest, quest of the blinds, anvil quest, gargbad quest, lahdanan quest
1555 FIXED: hell level generation, church level generation, boss drop, Leoric quest, Butcher quest
1545 FIXED: player stats, spell damage, spell costs, spell panel, spell button, citizens dialogs position, keyboard shortcuts, second weapon set, catacomb and cave generation, entering hell hangs/crash, entering catacomb hangs
1517 FIXED: calculate player stats, oils effects
1513 FIXED: crash creating multiplayer game, crash returning to town, spell button drawing bug, Theodore dropping, autoclick delay.
Download here
Install to a *copy* of your TH directory
Report bugs and oddities in the comments below or on TH2 forum here:
Testing TH 2 beta

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First table for TH2 started 2016-05-18

Started new character generation pre-plan.
That’s what I was able to come up with in about 4 hours of work.
Available here:
Ideas are welcome

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Latest mod version download links 2016-04-14

Full release v1.205a
Alternatively, you can download from here
note: you’ll have to download extra music from ModDB anyway
Patch 1.205e released 2016-09-15 (apply after full release)

Concerning TH2, it’s in beta phase and far from being finished, but you can get the latest build here
install to a copy of TH folder (to avoid potential complications)

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Welcome to The Hell

Welcome to our new, fresh and sweet home place.
This is an official site for Diablo 1 Mod: The Hell Mod by Mordor and TH Team.

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